Remember Me

by Sharon Reshef with Place Lab Ltd

Presented Jun 7 - 15, 2019 Prague Exhibition Grounds, Prague, Czechia as part of the Site Specific Performance Festival, Prague Quadrennial 2019,

Content Types:
 - Binaural Audio
 - Photographs
 - Bespoke Mobile App
 - iOS Mobile
 - Maptool
Audience Experience:
 - Geolocated XR content
 - Mobile app
Development Stage:
 - Public Performance

Summary of Project:

Remember Me is an interactive sound project that archives the sonic environment of the Prague Exhibition Grounds prior to the Prague Quadrennial 2019. With the Remember Me App, participants can journey to the chosen locations, orient themselves according to the photographs, and listen with their own headphones to the correlating binaural recordings. Embarking on an auditory voyage through time and space, participants are transported to the past through a sonic portal.

Description of User Experience:

Participants can journey to the chosen locations, position and orient themselves according to the photographs, and listen with headphones to their correlating recordings through the mobile Remember Me App. As the population increases during the festival, so does the noise pollution, inhibiting the environment’s soundscape to be present; the creaks of the rollercoaster when wind brushes against it, a local bird singing at 11:52am on a Saturday, that moment of silence where nature and architecture stand still. When these moments are amplified, euphoria overwhelms its listeners into a blissful, calm state, feeling immersed and connected to their environment.

Identified “Best Practices” for Mixed Reality Production:

  • Technical development teams and artistic teams need to communicate with each other effectively. Each team needs to respect what the other is doing.
  • Programmers working on a performance project should have some dramaturgical literacy.
  • Artists should have enough technical literacy to understand the limitations of the technology being used, so that they can work within those limitations. 
  • A recommended  model for collaboration between a technical team and an artistic team includes the following phases:
    • Conception Phase: The technical team and the artistic team conceive of an approximation of the technology that will be used in the project.
    • Technical Development Phase 1: The technical team creates a working prototype of the technology.
    • Rehearsal Phase: The prototype is completed as rehearsals begin, and the technology is used in the rehearsals by the artistic team. The artistic team makes note of any frustrations or problems with the technology.
    • Technical Development Phase 2: The technical team fixes the bugs and frustrations.