Zoom meeting Projects

Cutouts of 5 performers appear on a blood spattered off-white background.

The Antigone Play by Tabia Lau, HAGS by Aaron Jan

Presented Nov, 2020 Online for Theatre@York

Audience Experience:
 - Chat room interaction
 - Streaming Video
Development Stage:
 - Academic Research
 - Public Performance

Summary of Project:

Two online plays commissioned by the Department of Theatre in the School of the Arts Media Performance and Design at York University

Screen shot of participants in a Zoom meeting session, some with tMoRPH branded backgrounds, some with video disabled.


Presented Jun 13-19, 2020 online at FoLDA 2020

 - Discord
 - email
 - Google Drive
 - Mozilla Hubs
 - Unity (game engine)
 - VR headset
 - Vuphoria
 - YouTube
 - Zoom
Audience Experience:
 - Online Hackathon
 - Virtual Conference
Development Stage:
 - Conference Presentation
 - Invited Audience

Summary of Project:

Gathering of invited participants to explore solutions to developing technology based art for consumption in low-bandwidth environments.