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Ian Garrett smiles in front of the display of equipment and information for the VR workshop at Albion Library


Presented Sep 9 - Dec 13, 2019 Albion Public Library, Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada

Audience Experience:
 - Community engagement
 - Geolocated XR content
 - Mobile app
Development Stage:
 - Community Engagement
 - Public Performance
 - Workshop

Summary of Project:

Community members and users in the library script scenes and curate ideas to create 10 hauntings that share the story of the community in VR.

Screen shot of participants in a Zoom meeting session, some with tMoRPH branded backgrounds, some with video disabled.


Presented Jun 13-19, 2020 online at FoLDA 2020

 - Discord
 - email
 - Google Drive
 - Mozilla Hubs
 - Unity (game engine)
 - VR headset
 - Vuphoria
 - YouTube
 - Zoom
Audience Experience:
 - Online Hackathon
 - Virtual Conference
Development Stage:
 - Conference Presentation
 - Invited Audience

Summary of Project:

Gathering of invited participants to explore solutions to developing technology based art for consumption in low-bandwidth environments.

CGI John Bull head appears on a projections screen behind actors playing other characters in Oh, What a Lovely War!

Directed by Autumn Smith at Hart House Theatre, original script by Joan Littlewood and The Theatre Workshop

Presented Feb 28 - Mar 7, 2020 at Hart House Theatre, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Audience Experience:
 - Fixed seating
 - Proscenium stage
Development Stage:
 - Public Performance

Summary of Project:

Traditional theatrical presentation of a licensed script with a motion capture animation as a key character.